Monday, April 29, 2013

Stairlifts, Ramps and Platforms, Oh My!

More than 3 million Americans use wheelchairs and mobility scooters on a daily basis. Many people wonder: "What is the best incline or platform for wheelchair and scooter users to get from place to place?" There are many different options including: stairlifts, ramps and platforms. Since every situation is different, let's explore the different options that wheelchair and scooter users have.

A stairlift, commonly referred to as a chair lift or stair glider, is a mechanical device used for transporting people and wheelchairs up and down the stairs.

With a stairlift, a removable rail is mounted to every other stair. And a chair or platform is attached to the stair rail. The chair or platform will carry the person up and down the stairs. 

A wheelchair ramp or an inclined plane is often installed in addition to stairs. The ramp allows wheelchair users to easily access a building and move from floor to floor. Most wheelchair ramps are permanent fixtures. However, some people have portable wheelchair ramps. The portable wheelchairs ramps are made of aluminum. They easily fold up and allow the wheelchair user to take the ramp with them.

Platforms lifts are also referred to as wheelchair lifts, vertical lifts, and vertical platform lifts. A platform lift raises or lowers a wheelchair / scooter and its occupant from one level to another. Platform lifts are found in many places including homes, vans, city buses, porches, and public buildings.

Whether you are a wheelchair or scooter user, there are many different options available to you. Contact the knowledgeable staff at Miller Mobility Products to find out the best option for you.
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  3. A lot of people who have to deal with sudden disability don't realize just how many changes they have to make in their lifestyle. They discover all the places in their houses that are now inaccessible. I'm always amazed at the advances we've made in technology to combat these problems. I didn't know that most ramps can be folded up and put away! The fact that they're aluminum, like you said, probably makes life even easier. Thank goodness equipment like this exists and helps so many people!

  4. I think platform lift can easily be customized to suit the needs of the user and the building. I mostly prefer vertical platform lifts.